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I see people with all kinds of life experiences, from individuals interested in developing their own personal well being to professionals who seek case consultation, couples who want to enhance or  rescue their relationship, and people dealing with acute or chronic health problems.  This diversity is part of the joy of my work.

Please feel welcome to contact me.

What to expect

When you first come to my office, there will be time to talk about your concerns and answer any questions you may have about the process of therapy. It’s an opportunity for us to determine if what I offer meets your needs.  In most cases, you will know by the end of the first session if I seem to be a good fit for you.


To set up a therapy appointment, just call or email me – no referral necessary.  If I am not available, feel free to leave a message on my confidential voice mail.  I will do my best to call you back the same day.

Insurance Coverage

Some employers and insurance companies cover my services. Consult your human resources department or plan administrator to see if Registered Social Workers are included in your particular benefits.  My services do qualify as a medical expense on your income tax form. I am glad to provide a receipt for this purpose.

Therapy Fees

The fee for a therapy session is $170 for a 55-minute session.  Fees are due at the time of the session and may be paid with either a cheque or cash.

Contact Information

Derry Lubell, MSW, RSW
302 – 2233 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC  V6J 3 H9

Telephone:  604.263.3766
Fax:  604.263.4436

Derry Lubell, MSW, RSW
Registered Social Worker

302 - 2233 Burrard St
Vancouver BC V6J 3H9